Saturday, July 21, 2018

Only Love Conquers

Not by force, not by fear, not by insistence of authority nor hierarchy does an organization succeed. It is through the inspiring acts, words, thoughts, and plans of the leader.
Wherever an inspiring leader is so does a successful organization. People or followers are secondary to blame if an organization fails or perennially failing, the prime reason to inquire is "does the leader still inspire his populace?" If he does not then a soul searching and deep reflection in its original intent and motivation is not only necessary but a a matter of life and death if the survival of an organization is desired. Survival not only in this time but in the succeeding tomorrows.
We have to realize that man is constituted of different planes of existences. Man simultaneously exist in the plane of matter, in the plane of soul and in the plane of spirit. All these must be taken care of w-holistically and an organization is tasked to provide the environment necessary for the person's realization and fulfillment of his life and destiny in the present lifetime.
It follows, therefore, that the leader and the organization has to touch and influence these three planes, in balanced way most often as possible. Inspire them to aspire and lift themselves up in the ladder of existence. Inspire them to transcend the daily and minute experiences to the experience of the greatness of God incessantly acting in every minute details of existence.
Maslow's hierarchy of needs describes that transcendence is at the apex of the pyramid whereas at the base is the basic needs of shelter, clothing and food. To the normal uninitiated with the mystery of God this paradigm is correct but not so much with the people initiated in the mystery and knowledge of God, of the transcendent. The transcendence which Maslow placed on top should be from bottom up. The experience of transcendence must animate the whole hierarchy of needs from bottom up. It is through the experience of transcendence can man sublimate and transcend ordinary experience as a life living with God, Emmanuel.
In relation to this, the leader must inspire the people to seek within their own being the experience of God, to seek in their neighbor the manifestation of divinity, and to transcend their daily experience as that of the experience of the incarnated God. Along with this, the organization must provide the environment to make all these possible and sustainable. Not by fear, not by threat, not by force or insistence but through genuine and heartfelt compassion.
Only LOVE conquers.