Sunday, January 2, 2011

Apostolic Catholic Church and Banal na Pag-aaral

Ave Maria Purissima...

There exist a very wide gap between Apostolic Catholic Church (ACC) and Banal na Pag-aaral (BNP) as follows:

ACC is full pledge church that is one and with the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by the Lord Jesus Christ to His Apostles. ACC is auto-cephalous and is not under the jurisdiction of any Roman Catholic Bishops or Archbishops. ACC has its own Supreme Bishop or Patriarch. ACC is the Church of the Holy Spirit, Mahal na Ingkong.

All the clergies of the Apostolic Catholic Church are validly ordained, bishops and archbishops were all validly consecrated. They all received the Apostolic Line of Succession emanating from the valid 24 lines of apostolic line of succession received by her Patriarch in the person of Dr. John Florentine from various minor and major traditions of both Eastern Orthodox lines and Roman Catholic lines.

ACC have its own religious order or congregation, the Order of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit (OMHS) for both clergy and religious women (nuns), and the Order of the Missionaries of John Florentine (OMJF) for celibate clergies.

ACC is a member church of the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP) where her clergies and bishops meet in good terms with the Roman Catholic bishops (CBCP).

ACC believes in the Holy Trinity; in the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Catholic dogmas decreed in her honor; in the seven (7) holy sacraments; the holy bible; venerates catholic images and sacramentals; prays all the Catholic prayers especially the Holy Rosary; believes in the Real Presence and Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. ACC promotes and practices proper deportment and clothes for all members especially women and girls.

ACC is active in promoting Ecumenism and brotherhood among other christian and trinitarian churches (member churches of NCCP) as well as in promoting national and world peace by actively participating in inter-faith and religious movements and activities local and abroad without compromising its core doctrines.

BANAL NA PAG-AARAL (BNP) do not have its own religious congregation and BNP is not a church. It does not have clerical hierarchy except that of an lay organizational hierarchy. Its practices mimics that of the Catholic church, specifically Romans Catholics, but there is no definitive statement of their acceptance by the Roman Catholic Hierarchy. ACC, on the other hand, does not need the Roman Catholic bishops approvation or permission to perform its activities. As it has been said, ACC is a self-governing church and separated or schismatic, ever since, from the Roman Catholic Church. ACC is never once a part of the Roman Catholic Church who just have seceded. ACC from its founding date have never been subject to the Roman Catholic hierarchy. As for the faith, ACC derived its doctrines and teachings from the Holy Scripture and Sacred Tradition and the teachings and dogmas of the Eastern and Western Catholicism plus the messages and doctrines of Beloved Ingkong.

Although ACC longs for the day when all the Catholics and Orthodox churches and all the other Trinitarian Christian Churches, denominations and sects gather together as one family under Christ Jesus. This is the plan of God - the Unity of All under Christ.

To be continued...

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