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BNP Banal na Pag-aaral by Mrs Salvacion 'Salve' Aguillon Carreon

Ave Maria Purissima...

If anyone googles the internet about the name "Mahal na Ingkong" in one link or more you will find or redirected to a certain organization from the Philippines under the name "Banal na Pag-aaral" or BNP for short. Along with the displayed links is the Mahal na Ingkong of the Apostolic Catholic Church and of the First International Sacrifice Valley Kilusang Katoliko Inc. (FISVKK Inc).

Allow me to share my thoughts in this issue.I have to admit my knowledge is limited regarding BNP and I apologize if I misrepresented them. To keep my self in safe side, I am just reposting entries from various links dealing with BNP.

I will, in the next posting, compare BNP and ACC-OMHS.

What is BNP? (From the site

The Banal Na Pag-aaral was founded by Ate Salve on April 7, 1968 in Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines. Its mission was simple: to bring the people back to God, and to bring God back to the people. Since its inception, the movement has spread worldwide, with chapters established throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, and of course in the different regions of the Philippines.

The BNP family continues to grow today through spiritual retreats and apostolic works conducted in all its chapters.


The mission of the BNP is to make known the divine message of salvation to all people through retreat classes and apostolic work. The members of the BNP share a unified spiritual experience through the Holy Spirit’s special and unmerited grace culminating in a complete transformation of their lives—from a life of sinfulness to holiness, from doubt to certainty, from ignorance to faith, from indifference to a loving and faithful commitment to live under the grace of God.


One of the goals of the Banal Na Pag-aaral is to bring the people into the fold of the church by opening their minds and hearts and making them aware of their basic Catholic duties and doctrines, and encouraging them to lead a truly Christian life thereafter.

From another internet site, the following is said about BNP:

WARNING: About “Banal Na Pag-aaral”
Leader: Mrs. Salvacion (Sister Salve) Aguillon Carreon, alias Mrs. Remedios Rios Stuart
(August 15, 1996, Sixth Revision)

Information and Explanation Of Terms In The Title: “Banal Na Pag-aaral” are Filipino words, meaning “Sacred or Holy Study.”

On March 14, 1944 Salvacion Pacradona was born in Dagami, Leyte, Philippines. On January 16, 1965 Miss Aguillon married Mr. Delfin Pablo Carreon at St. Joseph The Worker Catholic Church, Cloverleaf, Balintawak, Quezon City, Philippines.

Her name became Mrs. Salvacion Pactadona Aguillon Carreon. She had 4 children with Mr. Carreon and later separated from him, but never divorced him civilly in the United States of America. There is no civil divorce in the Philippines. In 1968 she founded the BNP in Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines. As a sign of respect, some began to call her Sister Salve even though she was never a religious sister.

Mrs. Carreon changed her name and identity by tampering with her papers and document, e.g. passport on August 20, 1984 and birth certificate on August 21, 1984, to Miss Remedios Bautista Rios in order to come to the United States. On February 4, 1985, under her new name, she married Mr. Estanislao (Nilo) Hokson Stuart at the Candlelight Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas Nevada, outside of the Catholic Church. She committed civil fraud, civil bigamy and adultery in the Catholic Church.

Under her total new identity, she is now a Naturalized American Citizen. On September 16, 1993, she filed for an annulment of her marriage to Mr. Carreon at the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Manila. As of February 23, 1996, her annulment was still pending. Without any annulment, through trickery she invalidly married Mr. Stuart on June 12, 1993 at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, 14085 Peyton Drive, Chino Hills, CA 91709. The couple subtly deceived Fr. Michael Maher.

Her new name is Mrs. Remedies Bautista Rios Stuart. She fabricated her church documents to fit her completely new identity. The actual marriage took place at St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church, 2713 South Grove Avenue, Ontario, CA 91761, because St. Paul the Apostle Church did not have a church facility yet.

The invalid marriage was recorded at St Paul the Apostle Church. These great dishonesties and manipulations are with the full approval of “Mahal Na Ingkong,” a spirit and a god that she and her followers claim to possess her entirely at times. Evidently, Mrs. Carreon deceived the civil authorities of the United States of America, the Catholic Church and God. These data can be picked up at public records.

In an Official Statement on January 10, 1990, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles said: “The BNP has sought to legitimize through deceptive relationship with local Roman Catholic parishes. New recruits are told that the BNP is a Roman Catholic organization supported by the hierarchy both in the Philippines and in the United States…In the past, priests have occasionally heard confessions and celebrated mass at Apostolic Mission Classes, believing that the retreat was a “Filipino Cursillo.” Their presence at the retreats has been singled out by BNP leaders as “proof” that the church approves of the BNP.

The Archbishop of Manila, in his Official Circular Letter of October 16, 1989, calls Banal Na Pag-aaral (BNP) “under the chairmanship of Mrs. Salve Carreon… (as) not a Catholic association in good standing.” The official Statement of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles on January 10, 1990 warns the faithful: “Roman Catholics should be warned that the BNP is not a Roman Catholic organization in any sense of the word.” And on April 29, 1986 Bishop Norman Mac Farland of the Diocese of Orange declares: ”The Filipino group Banal Na Pag-aaral (BNP) is not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church nor are its activities approved by the Church.” Remember, it is neither a Roman Catholic association nor organization, the way we accept Cursillo, Marriage Encounter, etc. It is absolutely not approved!

The BNP is forbidden in the Philippines through the Bishops’ Conference, due to the leadership of the Archdiocese of Manila on October 16, 1989.

Beside the Archdiocese of Manila, the following dioceses have also banned the “Banal Na Pag-aaral” (BNP):
The Archdiocese of San Francisco on October 12, 1989,
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles on January 10, 1990,
The Diocese of San Jose on February 27, 1990,
The Archdiocese of Chicago on October 17, 1991,
The Diocese of Cleveland on November 2, 1992,
The Diocese of San Diego on February 26, 1993,
The Diocese of Brooklyn on March 2, 1993,
The Diocese of San Bernardino on February 16, 1994,
The Diocese of Orange on April 29, 1996, and other Diocese in the world.

In general, priests and laity are forbidden to support and attend the activities of the BNP, unless they are appointed by the bishops to investigate them. Their practice of deceiving every one continually that they are approved by the Catholic leadership is most disturbing. Deception is based on lying. The teaching and practice of constant lying is from the evil spirit.

The BNP claims that it is merely a truly obedient movement and organization within the Catholic Church. It is not a newly founded church.

Mr. Estanislao Hokson Stuart, the current husband of Mrs. Carreon, claims that he is the pastor of the BNP Church in Ontario, California. In fact, on May 1, 1986, in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles at Long Beach, Mr. Stuart declares: “I am an individual over the age of majority and am Pastor of the BNP Church located at 1877 East Riverside Drive, Ontario, California 91761…and have held the position of Pastor of the BNP Church since1991 to the present.”

Catholic Church Law instructs explicitly that, “No church is to be built without the express and written consent of the Diocesan Bishop.” (Canon 1215, The Code of Canon Law 1983). The BNP did not seek approval from the local bishop because the group was already banned in some dioceses of the world. It deceived the prohibition in the Diocese of San Bernardino on February 16, 1994. Ontario, California is under the jurisdiction of that same diocese.
It is with the utmost probability that the suspicions of many people that the BNP church is truly a “new” Catholic Church, schismatic and heretical, maybe correct.
Schism (schismatic) means rejecting and disobeying the leadership of the pope in the Church and that of the bishops and priests united with him “or of communion with the members of the church subject to him.” “Heresy (heretical) is the obstinate… denial of some truth which must be believed with divine and Catholic faith, or it is likewise an obstinate doubt concerning the same.”
(Catechism of the Catholic Church, No. 2089) The BNP commits the sin of heresy and schism

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There is downloadble pdf file of the same theme. Click here.

There is also a forum wherein BNP was also discussed.

The BNP Movement is predominately composed of Filipinos. My parents in law are heavily involved. I thought nothing of it really til i started reading some Medjugorje threads. I dont know much about it other than Ate Salve recieves messages from Jesus. My father in law has seen it first hand and he says that her voice deepens and she seems to grow in height, her hands become more manly and very soft. So in my opinion, it sounds as if she claims Jesus possesses her. Now my parents in law are devout catholics and do not go against any of the teachings of the church but they are devout BNP members as well. I tried to do some research on it but came up with almost nothing. I do know that it has been condemned by the church.

Anyone from the Philippines or others know more in depth information about the movement? The movement is not only in the Philippines but in the states as well, by the way. I'd ask my MIL but if she feels like im doubting her or anything she gets majorly defensive and her feelings get hurt.

This site is awesome. I've learned so much about Catholicism...things i thought were unimportant. I now know the more i learn, the more i come to love God and our Faith.

eta: I forgot to mention BNP stands for Banal Na Pagaaral and they refer to God as Mahal Na Inkong which means in translation, My Loving God.

hey gracie,

I too am very interested in finding more information about this BNP. My mother is devoted to this organization and to tell you the truth im a little worried. I questioned the priest of my church and he also informed me that they have been condemned by the roman catholic church. what i know is that they have a Center in Ontario, CA and they are financially doing very well because this location is huge and they just built an new hall connecting to the center. I also know the leader is called ATE SALVI and she has some morphing powers and they pray to her and idolize her. I also know that she is very wealthy. when i tried to research "ATE SALVI, BANAL NA PAG-AARAL" i found that there is a huge youth movement and many are praising her and BNP.

please let me know if you found additional information and i will do the same.

i am researching this organization and cannot find anything of it.

I recently came across your thread and wanted to share some information with you about this movement. I too, have heard of this Ate Salve and have heard many things about her. However, what I understand from the many religious I have spoken to about this movement is the apparent disobedience being preached to the membership. It seems that the membership are being taught that they should just shun what the church says about them because these priests are being "used by the devil" to undermine the authenticity of their movement.

I have found the following letter condemning this movement and it was written in 2005, which is fairly recent. I understand that with a little more research, I should be able to find more letters similarly condemning this movement as a heresy. God be praised for those who are not taken for a ride by these people because it seems that they blatantly used the church and it's approved activities as a means to achieve financial success for a few chosen individuals and their followers are blinded to this. Take a look at it and let me know your opinions. If needed, I will do more research and share in this forum. Thanks.

Hello! Just thought I'd add my two-cents regarding BNP. It is actually not banned by the Catholic church as a whole, but by some dioces around the country here in the US and Phils. I am not a full member of this organization but I do know some truths about it that are seemingly overlooked by many, or it could be the basic trait that what many do not understand - they fear. Truth is this movement is more of a Catholic studies group, giving it members a deeper, more thorough understanding of the faith, which I think is good as many of us are simply Catholic and aren't sure why other than "the parents made us that way". It's honestly a good group of people with a deep devotion to Catholicism and a wonderful understanding of the faith. Ate Salve has made trips to the Vatican and met with senior officials there and has made her case for her movement. It has not been banned by the Vatican, which is who we look to ultimately for final word on church activities...right? It has been banned by many diosces but many accept it as well, as they have a better understanding of what is being accomplished by the group. Believe it or not, there are Catholic priests who are members, speakers at the retreats etc. It's nothing harmful or evil, and I'd attend a gathering if I were anyone before giving it any negative press. As far as some BNP members brushing off certain priests' negative opinions of this group and saying they're "used by the devil", I wouldn't suggest that either. I certainly do not believe preists are controlled by Satan but there are naturally some in BNP who are so devoted and loyal that they can't handle criticism too well and say things like that. Priests who denounce the group simply don't have a good understanding of what BNP is about and haven't taken time to really observe and understand. They are God's servants though and positive or not in regards to BNP, they should still be held in high regard. As far as Ate Salve being wealthy, she has a successful husband. Money from BNP donors goes to the BNP organization to fund events, retreats, and the overhead for the big center in Ontario. Many attempts have been made to give gifts or donations to Ate Salve herself for her expenses or simply to go and have a good time in whatever city she happens to be visiting at the time, and none are successful. Can't say the same thing for the nutjob down in Miami who's calling himself GOD, wears a very visible 666, trashes Catholic gatherings, our faith, and all the while wearing a nice rolex, driving a Lexus and living in one of many huge homes all financed by his "church". Check out that link, folks! Anyway, let's not judge our brothers and sisters in BNP without understanding them first. I honestly think you'll like what you see, and Ate Salve has a very interesting spiritual history dating back 4 decades. Good talking to ya!!


I attended a BNP retreat last weekend. The prayers were good and the talks regarding Catholic catechism seemed all right. However, the things that seemed wrong and not in oneness to our Catholic Christian faith were their lack of focus on Jesus Christ who is Lord (He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.) There was mention of a woman by the name of Ate Salve who apparently had a vision of God when she was a small child. She said that this God (Mahlinko) was 2000 years old. I believe that God (the Blessed Trinity) is infinite. Of course, Jesus Christ lived on earth 33 years (but the mystery is that He always existed.) He had no beginning and he had no end as the 2nd person of the Blessed Trinity. Another thing that was disturbing, priests were forbidden to come out to the retreat house to say Mass, as they are acting in obedience, and the BNP members continue to be in error.

It is my prayer that God will help them find the way to eternal truth and light. They were very gracious and kind to all who attended the retreat, concerned about everyone's needs. I pray to have charity of heart for them as well.


Hello All,

I stumbled across this thread while searching the net for some pictures/videos from some BNP activities.

Anyhow, I am a devout Catholic and am also active with the BNP (Banal Na Pag-aaral). I've been with the BNP for about 15 years now and here are my impressions of the movement.

As some have said the BNP stands for Banal Na Pag-aaral which translates to Holy Studies. The founder of the BNP is God, and the Chairperson whom some of you have referenced in your posts is Ate Salve. It is mostly made up of Filipino's but there are a good amount of non Filipino's involved as well.

In the BNP, some people call God with the name Mahal Na Ingkong. This isn't a "standard" or something that you must do in the BNP, but it is what some people call God by.

Ate Salve has never claimed to be Jesus, they are completely separate. She is simple a regular person who is used as an instrument by the Holy Spirit as many of us are. God uses each and everyone of us as an instrument if we choose to. One of the posts said that she is being possessed, which is 100% incorrect.

Prior to 1994, my faith in God and my knowledge about the Catholic religion was little to non, even though I did call myself a Catholic since that's how my parents raised me. After attending the BNP retreat my curiosity opened up more about my religion, and through time, I was able to learn more and even help some people who have been in the same situation I was in.

For me, being active in the BNP and going to the activities has definitely increased my service to God and the Catholic faith. The Mass means so much more to me, prayers, the Rosary, and so much has changed in my life ever since I was made aware of the great things that I did not see before in my faith.

I guess that's it for now - but if you have any questions or anything that I might be able to help clear up, please do ask and I'll answer the best I can.

All I know is that through the BNP, my relationship with God has been stronger than ever.


I'm part of the youth here in New York. Congratulations on your upcoming Baptism and receiving the Eucharist!

As for other chapters drifting away from the message and mission of the BNP, I haven't experienced it myself on a chapter level, but I have experienced it when there were one of two individuals who would stray away from the Catholic teachings.

In all my years in the BNP I have not seen anyone worship Ate Salve ... I have not seen anyone pray to Ate Salve. When I was new to the BNP, I would hear some people talk about her and I could see how some people would misinterpret how some people talk about her as worshiping, or how some people put her up on a pedestal.

For me, she is a regular person who was chosen by God to be used as His instrument. I respect her as a person, as the chairperson of the BNP, and I have also come to know her on a very personal level. Knowing her personally, I can tell you that she is one of the nicest and humblest people you'll meet, she will put other people before herself.

Again, this is my experience with the BNP and with Ate Salve. Others may have different experiences, but I just wanted to share to everyone what I've been through in the movement and how I continue to grow in the Catholic faith through the BNP.


I find my experience with BNP here in CA consistent with yours in NY. I went to a BNP gathering in Daly City last night and they had a mass and sharing session. There was lots of talk about Ate Salve and some of the personal experiences members have had with her and I too can see how one who is not involved with the group can misinterpret what's being said about her. Many MANY wonderous things have happened to Ate Salve over the years in her very personal relationship with the Lord, but what mere neutral observers seem to not see is the fact that while there is a lot of story and personal experience-sharing in regards to her, there is no worship of Ate Salve herself, no praying to her and no considering her some type of god. I think to an extent she is put on a pedistal mainly because she is of course the chairperson of BNP, and there is the fact that she is an ordinary person who has been chosen by the Lord to deliver a certain message and bring back a strong emphasis to Catholic teaching to those who may have gone astray. I think what is especially special about her is that she is not a nun and isn't beholden to a convent and can spread the Lord's message throughout the world, which in turn has created quite a following. For those skeptics out there, I think they should stop and think before jumping to conclusions about her. I had a thought at the end of our gathering last night and shared it with a member of the local BNP leadership: consider what Saint Faustina went through in her life and consider the personal relationship with the Lord she had. If you can get a hold of a copy of her diary, you can find MANY similarities between her and Ate Salve. My thought was that every saint ever canonized went through some pretty tough ridicule and scorn even from their own church and its members, but stayed the course and fought through the unfortunate but natural human prejudice and carried out what the Lord commanded. Look where they are today!


OK. This is what I know about BNP. My fiance's brother and sister-in-law are in it with their family and my fiance, who is Filipino said they (BNP) were condemned by The Church, I would assume that also includes the Vatican. My fiance went to a couple of their prayer meetings in the past and for him to say this means a lot. He will not go to any of their prayer meetings now and I am very grateful. One thing I do know about his brother and his family is that his wife joined this group at a time when she was vulnerable. Her husband, my future brother-in-law cheated on her and they almost divorced. So one sign of a cult, if you will, is vulnerability in a member before joining. Also my fiance and I are getting married in about a month and his brother was supposed to mc at our reception and he backed out because of a meeting with this group. That is very uncharitable to say the least. I know of no good group that would have a member place them above his own good, church-going brother and new sister-in-law. Even if we weren't church-goers and if we weren't getting married outside of the Church that is, family comes first, as long as it's not sinful, as far as I am concerned. As a matter of fact, St. Teresa of Avila was once known to have told her sisters when someone was knocking at their door during the rosary and the other sisters did not want to answer, that "Jesus can wait, charity is still important." I am paraphrasing. Basically she was saying that while the rosary is highly important Jesus Himself would not want you to be uncharitable because of this great prayer. Otherwise what good did the rosary do? Also another thing I know about my fiance's family and the women in it is that modesty in dress is not important, if it were his niece and sister-in-law would be more concerned about what they were wearing at times. My point is if you are in a good Catholic prayer group you not only are concerned about the Church and the fact that this group was condemned, but you would also be concerned about the Church's teaching on charity and modesty. Another final note: they are always having hula dancing/talent events and raising large sums of money, while that is not wrong in and of itself, there is a lot of unhealthy/unholy vanity and pride amongst the children and father in this family. Who is the money going to anyway, Ate Salve? They also hold some of these performances, one of which I went to in their new hall, where I was told they celebrate Mass. I could be wrong about that. If that is true that is highly disrespectful to God, not to mention sacrireligious. My future brother-in-law claimed that some priest said it (the hall) was holy ground and that is why noone wore shoes in this hall and it was discouraged for others to wear shoes too.


I was reading your post and I thought that I might try to shed some light on a few things regarding the BNP (again from what I've experienced and from what I know about the movement).

The BNP is not condemned by the Catholic Church, infact one of the Cardinals in the Philippines has the members of the BNP do nocturnal Vigil adoration at his place.

In regards to your future sister inlaw being vulnerable, I don't think that has much or anything to do with her going to a BNP retreat. Each and everyone of us are more vulnerable at one point of another in our lives, and especially when we encounter something as tragic and tramatic as what your future sister inlaw had gone through. Is it not at these times when we are low, when we are down that we reach for God the most? Is it not at these times that that we look to Him for His mercy and love? I'm confident in saying that the BNP does not look for "vulnerable" people to ask to the retreats. We ask anyone and everyone if they want to go to a retreat, if she happened to go to a retreat when she was down, then all the better for her so that maybe her faith in God might be strengthened again.

For your brother inlaw who is supposed to MC at a your reception, that is a personal choice by that person and not by the BNP. If that person chooses some BNP activity over your reception, that person makes that choice on their own. I'm pretty sure that the those around him were not even aware of your reception, or his plans to cancel out on your reception to go to a BNP function.

But I can totally feel your frustration in this regard. I have gone through this a few times before, not with the BNP, but with other things where people would put things going in their lives before their family. To put it bluntly ... it sucks, but again it's something that is on the individual. If my brother were to back out of helping me move to a new house because he opted to go to a NY Knicks basketball game, would I blame the NY Knicks for taking my brother away from me when I needed help in moving?

I do agree with you that family does come first, I just wish that everyone felt the same way about it as you and I.

Can I ask you what you think the BNP's views are towards modesty in regards to what people wear? Because it seems that you might think that the BNP doesn't care what people wear and perhaps promotes dressing in inappriopriate clothing. As part of the youth in the BNP, we try to encourage people to dress as respectable as they can, especially because they are in the presence of God. Again, we can push this upon the individual as much as we want, telling them time and time again to please cover up, or even offer them a sweater ... but it's up to that person to change the way they dress. I do agree with you that they should be concerned about what they dress because it represents not only them, but their family.

Going onto your point of having fundraising events and where the money is going to. The events are to pay for the new multipurpose hall that has been built. Ate Salve does not receive any money from the members, even though some people have tried to give her checks and money, she will not take it.

In regards to the hall and mass, I think you might have been misinformed. One of the purposes of the new building was because during activities there was a need for more space, and also because the House of Prayer where we have Mass was also the same place where some other activities were being held. So to separate the two, and to keep the House of Prayer solemn and to keep it as a place to pray and meditate, the new building was built.

At times there is mass held inside the new hall because the number of people that are present just wouldn't fit inside the House of Prayer.

Well I hope that help shed some light on things and I hope that you have a great wedding and congratulations!


More of this in this link: